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Episode 13 Munni Trivedi & Mark Hannant

On Creative Outsourcing, AI & Communications

Munni is a sourcing and procurement specialist with experience across multiple industries and regions. She honed her skills in senior roles on both the demand and supply side, giving her an intimate understanding of how businesses can manage resourcing to improve profitability. She applies her knowledge and skills to help enterprise and agency clients transform their workflows and sourcing strategies, coining the term ‘creative process outsourcing’ (CPO). In 2009, she swapped London for Mumbai. She saw an opportunity to make hybrid work models accessible to creative agencies and launched Indigo in 2017, founding a London office In 2021. Munni speaks regularly on Doing Business in India and female entrepreneurship. She holds a Guinness World Record as part of the largest group of women to hold an abdominal plank (Mumbai, November 2016).


Mark is a creative services entrepreneur. He served as COO of Trident Communications and a co-founder of the Engage Group, the fastest growing design consultancy in the UK in 2008, according to Design Week. In 2009 he moved to Mumbai to found magenta, a fresh-thinking creative agency, specialising in B2B content and communications design. In 2017 he co-founded IndigoCPO, a pioneer of creative process outsourcing. He splits his time between London and Mumbai. He is the author of Midnight's Grandchildren: How young Indians are disrupting the world's largest democracy (Routledge in 2019) and has appeared in two Bollywood films Hawaizaada (2015) and Raag Desh (2017). He is a keen cook and walker.

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